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Press – L.A. Girl Fancies, December 14, 2012

Collection Fancy: Kidzmoon

We’ve been dying to share with you this great children’s clothing collection that we are so in love with. It’s called Kidzmoon and were sure you’re going to love it just as much as we do. The collection features adorable graphics and characters that are filled with so much color and life. This is one collection that will surely resonate with both kids and adults.

The Kidzmoon story begins in Los Angeles with Portuguese sisters Sandra and Fernanda, who wanted to create a collection that was alive with personality, attitude and heart. Lucky for them, they have Los Angeles as their backdrop and four beautiful children between the two of them, who fuel them daily with creativity and inspiration. Together, they take from the joyous experiences with their children and translate them into fun and colorful animations that are sure to bring a smile to any child’s face. Sandra and Fernanda placed their vibrant characters on pieces that are practical, comfortable and a part of everyone’s daily life. From t-shirts to onesies, to reusable bags and blankets, Kidzmoon can be found on everyday casual garments and accessories. As Sandra and Fernanda like to say, “the heart of our apparel line is tees and casual wear, because that is what kids live in, get dirty in, and experience the simple joys of life in.” We completely agree.

Our favorite part about this collection? That there are mini collections that celebrate all the fun activities and holidays that children love the most. From beach fun to Christmas excitement, their lifestyle and holiday graphics are relatable, vivid and full of life. It’s easy to see how children would be attracted to these characters and easily find a connection with what they see. Some are already available for purchase in a variety of styles. Visit for their current selection.

Truly, the most innovative and adorable children’s clothing collection we’ve seen in quite some time. We can’t wait to see what other great characters and graphics this brand will offer in the future. One things for sure: Kidzmoon has established a gorgeous children’s line thats filled with a wide variety of fun and fresh characters that anyone would fall in love with. We definitely have. What about you? What Kidzmoon collection do you like?